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2023 FCSCS Spring Symposium

Where: Delta Hotel Saskatoon, 405 20th Street East, Saskatoon
When: Thursday May 11 and Friday May 12, 2023

Cemetery and Interment Rights

Plans and costs as well as your consumer rights regarding interment in cemetery lots, tombs, niches, crypts or compartments are not covered by the Funeral and Cremation Services Act. They are governed by the Cemeteries Act (1999) and the Registrar of Cemeteries is responsible for ensuring compliance.

Under the Cemeteries Act, a prepaid cemetery contract may be cancelled in the same manner as a prepaid funeral contract. The owner may deduct the costs of unique or personalized goods and the contract will specify which items are not refundable. Also, the cost of vaults or liners if they have been installed will not be refunded.