Spring Symposium

The 2017 Spring Symposium will be held on May 25th and 26th, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel Saskatoon.

2017 Spring Symposium Itinerary

2017 Spring Symposium Registration Form

October 2015 Council passed a motion to approve the recommendation of the Education and Professional Development Committee that “there will be no fee for newly licensed individuals to attend the Spring Symposium during their first year of practice.  Thereafter if they attend a Spring Symposium during the second year there will be a 50% discount for attending.”

For those listed below, if you wish to attend the 2017 Spring Symposium a registration form must be completed and submitted.

Newly Licensed – Free Registration Second Year Licensed – ½ Price Registration
Jeremy Allen Valerie Bodnaryk Neal Lowrie
Janet Borschowa Bridgette Cirkvencic David Moore
Carley Brown Jacqueline Dumont Fred Pomrenk
Patrick Brown Jesse Evans Cheryl Richardson
Michael Cron Desirae Fullerton Rick Sawatzky
Martine de Bussac D. Lindsay Hanson Curtis Stasiw
Norman Fiss Douglas Ivan Tracy-Lynn Switzer
Peter Harder Jenna Kampman Jeffrey Thackeray
Steven Jesmer Heidi Klassen Kyle Westberg
Karol Narfason Michaela Lang Kolin Wiebe
Cortne Pelzer Alverta Laskey
Nicole Rewerts
Michelle Surtees


And the Winner of the 2017 Spring Symposium 1/2 Price Registration Fee is….