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2023 FCSCS Spring Symposium

Where: Delta Hotel Saskatoon, 405 20th Street East, Saskatoon
When: Thursday May 11 and Friday May 12, 2023

Schedule of Forms

Most forms can now be filled out in pdf format.  Once signed, they can be forwarded to Council administration either as an email attachment or by fax.

Prepaid Contracts

Form 1 - Annual Financial Summary Report
Form 2 - Letter of Direction
Form 4 - Request for Exemption from Keeping Records In Saskatchewan
Form 6 - Sample Contract Respecting Prepaid Prearranged Services - Fully Guaranteed Revised November 2022
Form 7 - Deposit Contract Respecting Prepaid Prearranged Services Revised November 2022
Form 8 - Order for Transfer of Prepaid Contract and Trusted Funds
Form 10 - Buyers Acknowledgement of Understanding

Students and Interning Students

Form 20 - Embalmer/Funeral Director Student Registration Application
Form 20(B) - Embalmer Funeral Director Student of Canadian College of Funeral Service
Form 21 - License Application for a Conditional License Embalmer Funeral Director
Form 23 - Student Crematorium Technician Registration
Form 24 - Student Salesperson's Registration Application

Licensing - Individuals

Form 30 - License Application for a Practicing License
Form 31 - License Application from Another Jurisdiction (Embalmer, Funeral Director, Salesperson)

Licensing - Businesses

Form 40 - License Application for a Funeral Home Owner
Form 41 - License Application for a Crematorium Owner
Form 42 - License Application for a Transfer Service Owner


Form 50 - Authorization to Cremate and Order for Disposition
Form 50(B) - Authorization to Cremate by Alkaline Hydrolysis and Order for Disposition
Form 51 - Certificate of Cremation Form
Form 52 - Separation of Cremated Remains Authorization and Instruction Form
Form 53 - Commingling of Cremated Remains Authorization and Instruction Form


Form 60 - Embalming Report
Form 62 - Hazardous Materials for Cremation